Occupational Health

Achieve critical control over medical costs by providing a perfect match of service on-site.

When OH services are delivered to your employees within steps of where they work, you'll notice some rather amazing benefits right away:

  • Your costs drop on site eliminating the need of the employee to leave the facility, as all care is by-definition delivered
  • Hours lost to employee time off is dramatically minimized
  • Morale—including overall wellness—improves as employees see your commitment to their health and well-being
  • Regulatory compliance is tracked and reported

AllOne Health makes it easy and cost-effective for employers of any size to offer a "perfect match" of Occupational Health services to meet their specific industry needs.  Supervised by a board-certified OH physician, some of the services we can provide include:

  • Injury treatment
  • Pre-placement exams
  • Short & long-term disability admin & case management
  • Drug & alcohol testing
  • Transitional/limited return to work
  • Medical surveillance exams
  • Respirator exams & fitness testing

A Director of On-site Services will meet with your management to monitor the program and ensure that your healthcare and financial objectives are being met.



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