Weight Management

Weight Management: Impacting this national epidemic (one conversation at a time)—pays permanent benefits to you. 

From a "population health" standpoint, obesity and poor diet rank high among pre-conditions for more serious health issues down the line.

The good news is, many overweight people would be happy to reduce—and can—when the right mix of understanding and motivation are brought to bear.

AllOne Health's weight management programs involve aspects of education, motivation, and support—essentials for successful weight loss.

A nutrition toolkit kick-starts an employee's efforts toward achieving a healthy weight. Next, our licensed registered dietitian will work with your employee to establish a weight management plan and appropriate—achievable—goals.

Additionally, regularly-mailed educational newsletters and recipes help improve nutrition, exercise and eating behaviors and supply the latest information on weight management.

When an employee's personal goals find further support in the workplace, the net benefit can be extraordinary.