Maternity Care

Having a baby should be a wonderful experience for your employees and your company.

Woman and Baby at Computer

Nothing transforms a person, family, or relationship like the introduction of a baby into the picture.  As a mother or father, you've got a whole new focus—and as an employer, you want to support your workers, while looking out for the organization too.

The AllOne Health maternity care program:

  • Supports expectant mothers through their pregnancies and helps the entire family create the framework for a healthy future.
  • Assesses progress, addresses concerns and helps employees approach pregnancy and/or discuss the management of daily life.
  • Supports a mother and her family's concerns as they adjust to caring for a newborn.
  • Provides personalized attention from a Health Coach.
  • Provides coordination of care with your doctor and telephone monitoring to help guide you through your pregnancy and post-delivery period, as necessary.

Balancing everyone's needs is the job of a great parent.  The same might be said of striking the perfect balance as an employer.  To hear how AllOne Health can help, contact one of our representatives today.