Health Assessment

One of today's most powerful tools for managing health 

Employee Health Assessments provide a benchmark to predict expenses, target interventions, and improve everyone's health.

AllOne Health stands at the forefront of our industry in our approach to Employee Health Assessments.  We've found that driving compliance alone is a shallow strategy. Instead, we've built proven techniques for encouraging employees to not only engage in an assessment, but to take a more proactive role in their overall health management.

And when it comes to Analytics, we know that all Health Assessments are not created equal either.  By managing a deeper level of information, our clients have been able to make valuable inroads on the effectiveness and costs of their health-benefits programs. 

AllOne Health provides a robust member portal which features:

  • Self-Management Tools
  • Health Information
  • Educational modules and quizzes
  • Personal Health Record
  • Health Assessment