Comprehensive identification of the status of your population:

We will integrate your member’s health data from online Health Assessments, and physical exams by each member’s personal physician, and claims data to identify opportunities to manager the health of your population.  We will use this information to work with you on creating an effective Wellness Program.


Communications and outreach programs tailored to your workforce:

Your AllOne Health team  will customize an engagement program to meet the needs of your workplace.  We will also provide engagement reporting needed to administer an incentive program based on participation in the program.  The program can include spouses and other dependents as well as employees.  We will work with you to set clear objectives and provide guidance to set up your programs for success by doing the following:

  • AllOne works with all levels of the employee population.  We work closely with Senior Leadership to evaluate the current environment and to create, promote, and evaluate the Wellness Program.
  • AllOne assists with the creation of a Wellness Committee which will act to promote the program, support initiatives, and be the liaison between all levels of employees. 
  • AllOne will work with groups to communicate and promote the Wellness Program through the most appropriate channels for your work environment.
  • A successful program continually assesses available information.  AllOne utilizes claims data, biometric results, self-reported Health Assessment results and employee feedback to make strategic programming recommendations for a successful program.
  • Finally, AllOne will evaluate the outcomes of the program and work with the group to make any necessary changes or improvements to ensure the highest level of participation and the best customer experience possible. 


Execution of the engagement plan

  • We provide ongoing support through a Client Engagement Consultant who works with you to identify and meet your needs
  • We increase awareness of the Wellness Programs and Incentive Program, through educational meetings; newsletter articles; posters; and employee materials.
  • We work with you to optimize member participation in the Wellness Programs


AllOne Health is determined to remain at the forefront of workplace healthcare and wellness.

Because there are so many dedicated individuals and organizations working to improve the daily practice of healthcare, disease management, workplace health, and healthcare informatics, AllOne Health actively seeks out innovators in their respective disciplines and forges key partnerships, to help us better serve our clients.

By drawing on a variety of perspectives, AllOne Health is able to build programs that lead the industry in results.