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Teaming up with healthcare providers as employers and payers embrace Wellness initiatives—The Big Opportunity

With the shared objective of improving the overall well-being of individuals under our care, AllOne Health welcomes the ability to collaborate with physicians and other healthcare providers to advance our common goals.

If you have patients enrolled in an AllOne Health Wellness program, they have access to unique, state-of-the-art resources that help them better manage chronic conditions and take control of their health, with personalized education and telephonic support from health care professionals. We view this as a big opportunity to have a greater impact on improving outcomes among our shared patients and members.

AllOne Health is different from traditional utilization management programs that focus solely on the 20% of health care users who account for 80% of health care costs. Instead, AllOne Health uses advanced predictive modeling to identify members who may be at high risk, and helps them before they become high cost.

This 'proactive' versus 'reactive' approach is the key to better health for patients, and for controlling rising health care premiums. AllOne Health offers resources that help patients take action and accountability for their health, and supports the care that you provide for the healthiest outcomes.

 AllOne Health Wellness Programs

AllOne Health offers a series of disease management, case management and lifestyle management programs that are confidential and available to eligible members at no additional cost.

Programs available to support the care you provide to your patients include: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, heart failure, maternity care, tobacco cessation, and weight management, case management programs for catastrophic cases and for transition of care and intermediate care, and lifestyle management.

You can call 1-866-430-2551, weekdays, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET for more information and encourage your patients with access to AllOne Health services to use our valuable programs and resources that would benefit them. Each program is staffed with registered nurses and dietitians specializing in that area of care.

Once enrolled, a program participant will receive the following program benefits:

  • Telephonic contact with Health Coaches, who are specially trained health care professionals including registered nurses and registered dietitians
  • Information regarding evidence-based treatments
  • Educational mailings regarding his/her condition and management of his/her disease
  • Coordination of care with his/her physician, as necessary
  • Scheduled calls from program staff based on assessed risk level

At AllOne Health we work with providers to ensure that members of our health and wellness programs have the best coordinated experience for their better health. 

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