When you have all the facts, more of your decisions become 'the right ones.'

AllOne Health lets you address your employees' health concerns — present and future — through a full complement of predictive, preventative and management resources. By mitigating risk with early intervention services, improving health through wellness programs, and advancing the management of existing illness, our solutions lower absenteeism, raise productivity and bring health care costs under control. Informatics is the key to discovering the "who," "what," and "when" of effective population health management.

Not all informatics providers are alike, and AllOne Health's capabilities can be clearly distinguished:

Greater depth of data — Not only have we been able to generate extraordinary participation in our Health Assessments, but the depth of our data—and the ability to turn it into actionable strategies for clinicians and health coaches—is unmatched.

Intuitive reporting that executives actually use — Reams of data are of little use—unless you can easily understand what's being demonstrated, and what you should do about it. Our reports offer clear indications and analysis, for managers and clinicians alike.

A comprehensive view into your workforce health — We don't limit our data intake to a few assessments or claims data supplied by your insurance company.  We engage a multi-faceted approach that also draws in physician exams, biometric screenings, pharmacy data and more.