Disease Management

Be sure your employees are doing all they can to stay healthy—for their sake (and everyone's.) 

Spending dollar after dollar on treatable conditions doesn't make any sense—whether you're a business owner or an employee.  The fact is, by taking better care of ourselves, the costs associated with rampantly spreading conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and even chronic back pain can be significantly lowered. 

Disease Management is a maturing science that is no longer the exclusive realm of large health plans and government payers. The proven-effective tools developed over the last decade or two can be brought to bear on your workforce, to make sure everyone receives the kind of attention it takes to make progress.

AllOne Health has a long track record of success in this area due to several key competencies:

• We know how to generate enthusiasm and participation in personal Health Assessments

• Our Health Assessments get at the kind of meaningful data that lets you truly have an impact

• AllOne Health's powerful analytics capabilities represent our industry's leading edge

• Our Health Coaches have an ability to motivate employees in adopting healthier lifestyles and attitudes 

AllOne Health maintains a staff of trained and licensed/certified medical professionals that become a virtual part of your team.

Our offerings include:

-     Individualized telephonic health coaching
-     Online Health Portal and Assessment
-     24/7 Nurse Now Phone Support
-     Online Communication Materials