Population Health Management

Why not do all you can to control a major part of your business?

We can help you create a healthier workforce while
managing costs and care at every point in the process. 

Do you think that population health management strategies are reserved for billion-dollar industrial behemoths?  We'd like the chance to surprise you with how much more any-sized employer is able to do to make huge inroads on both sides of the healthcare equation:

       • Making sure healthy people stay healthy

       • Ensuring that every healthcare dollar spent is maximally efficient

AllOne Health’s Population Health Management solution is a powerful offering that brings hyper-focused health and wellness solutions directly into your workplace. Using our extensive analytics and evidence-based predictive modeling, we design a program that is specific to the needs of your workforce—reflecting the precise medical conditions, lifestyle choices, and demographics of your employees. Our two overarching aims are to lower your overall health care costs and improve the health of your workforce. 

Don't waste time or resources.

Each workplace has its unique mix of challenges.  And every employee population varies based on factors like: average age, geographical location, work environment, stress-levels... and hundreds of other criteria.  By getting a complete picture of your workforce, we're able to create a program that addresses your most important (and expensive) issues—head-on and right away. 

Ready to design your onsite program? Contact Us and let’s get started.

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