Disability Medical Management

The support your employees want.  The accountability your business demands.

When you work with AllOne Health, you benefit from a truly comprehensive view into the health of your workforce.  We'll help manage all your employees' health-related claims-for illness and incidents that occur on- or off-the-job.  And, armed with a deep understanding of the jobs associated with your industry, we're in an optimal position for getting it right the first time.

AllOne Health provides Short-term (STD) and Long-term (LTD) Disability Services for tracking and medically managing an employee's time out of work according to your company's disability policies.

Short-term Disability
When an injury results in a short-term disability, AllOne Health helps manage every aspect of the process until the worker returns to duty. Experienced case managers assist your HR staff with claims management, while our clinical staff works with your employee to medically manage the disability. We'll provide timely treatment assessment for the diagnosis and monitor the course of treatment & getting your employee safely and quickly back to work.

Long-term Disability (LTD)
With long-term disability, you need to manage both clinical and claims aspects of a case with skill and efficiency. As our clients will attest, our experienced case managers deftly align the competing priorities of clinicians, employees, and your organization to achieve the best result for all parties. Our goal is to provide the necessary information to all stakeholders.

For all claims, AllOne Health can partner with any relevant insurer or TPA to help manage these types of cases with utmost care and efficiency.



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