Travel Health

Special requirements for traveling and working abroad?  We'll help keep your employees healthy and safe.

Do you manage the health of an international staff? The AllOne Health team is literally there for you—virtually anywhere in the world—with a global network of affiliated physicians, nurses and other clinical practitioners.

We offer medically appropriate screenings, vaccinations and medical services before, during and after overseas deployment to ensure employees comply with international health requirements, CDC guidelines and company policy.

Our global services team keeps track of country-specific work requirements and obtains all the information you need. We help you assemble all appropriate medical records and forms within the tight timeframes urgent deployments require. Our proprietary OnCourse™ technology ensures employees deploy on time, with everything in order for their destination countries—precise records in required formats—so there are no last-minute surprises or delays.

Need to comply with contract-specific requirements for off-shore workers? Faced with geographic challenges like high-altitude worksites or areas without ready access to healthcare? We provide a comprehensive array of services to ensure your workers are safe and your risks are minimized.

We can even establish and staff stand-alone on-site medical facilities. We'll help you obtain routine services abroad like drug and alcohol tests.


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