Employee & Student Assistance

Handling sensitive situations with care and compassion.

Establishing or maintaining an effective Employee Assistance or Student Assistance Program can make a tremendous difference in your organization.  Not only can you improve on the productivity, satisfaction, and morale of employees or students, and not only will you avoid lost time and increase retention rates but, you will also be demonstrating a caring, enlightened approach to running your institution, while complementing and leveraging your other benefits and HR services. 

For more than 30 years, AllOne Health has provided a wide range of assistance services that help increase employee, student and organizational health & productivity. As a boutique Employee & Student Assistance firm, we are able to provide a level of 24/7 concierge-style service that sets the standard, along with in-person and online resources that encourage your employees or students to maintain healthy and positive lifestyles—while supporting them with proven, effective strategies when they run into trouble.

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Employee Assistance Program

Counseling, Management Services, Trainings, Work-Life Resource & Referral Program, Workplace Incidents


Student Assistance Program

Counseling Services, Webinars, Talk One-2-One, Community Resources